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Let the fun begin! It’s time to turn your floor plan into a beautiful home and we’re so excited to be on this journey with you. Please carefully read the general information and instructions in each category prior to making the selections. Many selections can be specified directly on the Selection Sheet with exception to tile, carpet, appliances, lighting fixtures, and hardware which must be made with the vendor directly. The allowance for those items are listed in their respective category.

If you have any questions about the selection process, please contact James Wood at or 918-934-8777 BEFORE submitting the form. All selections are FINAL once received by Bravo Homes via email to All selections must be submitted by email within 45 days of the Red Line (Pre-construction) Meeting. A $275 non-refundable change fee applies to ANY changes to the selections after they have been submitted.

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Kitchen appliances are to be selected at

Metro Appliances

5313 S Mingo Road, Tulsa

Please contact Trey at 918-816-0831 to schedule a consultation. The standard allowance is $3,500, upgraded allowance to include double ovens is $4,700. Please note that adding the double oven is only possible BEFORE cabinets are ordered.


Bravo’s brick supplier has produced the below examples to generally demonstrate the color range of the selections which are available to our buyers and are all within budget. As noted by the manufacturer, these small photographic examples are not able to show all colors, percentages of colors, texture, and harmless imperfections that may be contained in hundreds of thousands of bricks. Brick from different production runs may also vary slightly in color, range, and texture.

All brick varies from house to house, so using the same brick as another home will not result in an exact match.

Bravo will order the exact name of the brick or address you list on the selection sheet, but brick from different production runs will vary slightly in color, range, and texture so an exact aesthetic match to the sample or another home cannot be guaranteed.

drew manor


flint ranch

fossil creek


mesa blend

salt plains

shadow falls

sheltered bluff

summer harvest



All carpet & tile selections are to be chosen at

Mill Creek Carpet & Tile

6845 E 41st St, Tulsa

The builder’s showroom has a large selection of floor and wall tiles, backsplash, decorative laundry room tiles, and carpet. Please contact Jason Moore at 918-693-7318 or to schedule your design consultation. PLEASE do not show up to Mill Creek without an appointment.


Countertops are to be selected at

Pacific Shore Stones

11401 E 27th St N, Ste C in Tulsa

Contact Diana at 918-234-8400 to schedule your consultation. The included standard countertops throughout the entire home is Granite because this stone is heat, scratch, and stain resistant and by far the most durable product. Man made quartz and marble countertops are both upgrades. Quartz is not heat resistant for temperatures above 375°F so it’s important to remember to use a heating pad even under air fryers and toaster ovens. Bravo strongly advises against marble countertops as they easily scratch and stain and acidic liquids will stain the marble permanently. Juice, red wine, and even bananas will leave irreparable damage.

All of the slabs are sourced from the same stone block, but the individual slabs in each group will vary in appearance. We don’t offer the option to earmark particular slabs for certain rooms or areas. Due to variances in natural stone, it is not possible to exactly match other homes as they are truly one-of-a-kind.


black pearl





silver pearl



interior doors

Interior Doors will be painted the Interior Trim Color provided on your selection sheet.






#7 (Upgrade)


#8 (upgrade)

exterior doors

The exterior door will be the Stain Color provided on your selection sheet.












Lighting & hardware fixtures are to be selected at Kimball Lighting & Blinds located at 8301 N Owasso Expressway in Owasso. Bravo includes under cabinet lights, interior garage lights, plus LED disc lights in the living room, primary bedroom, primary closet, primary bathroom, laundry, hallways, the pantry, and if applicable in the game room, office, flex space, and over the stairs. At Kimball, please choose lighting fixtures for the exterior coach lights, entry way, living room, kitchen island pendants, dining, bedrooms, bathroom vanities, and if applicable the game room, office, and/or flex space. The allowance is $0.80 per sqft for lighting and $1,200 for hardware (door knobs and cabinet knobs or pulls.


Paint & Stain colors are to be chosen from Sherwin Williams. Bravo does not offer colors from other paint companies. Our standard includes:

(1) One wall and ceiling color in a flat finish

(2) cabinet colors

(1) one interior trim color (baseboards, crown molding, doors, etc)

(1) one stain color (beams, mantle, front door, drop zone’s bench, exterior beams & posts)

(1) one exterior trim color (garage doors, fascia, soffits, & siding)

All cabinets in the same room will be the same color except for the kitchen island. Barn doors (if applicable) must be the same color chosen for either interior trim or the stain color. Painted Brick (if applicable) is an upgrade. The stain color for beams, front door, etc is a separate selection from the wood floor stain. The wood floor contractor will provide a few “test colors” for you to choose from. Because the samples are applied to a floor that does not have sealer, the final outcome may differ slightly from the original sample. Due to the use of real, natural wood in each home, the final appearance may vary from house to house even when applying the same stain.

Dark paint colors may require extra coats and are significantly more difficult to touch-up prior to closing. Buyer is responsible for any additional charges or overages that Bravo’s painters may incur as a result of the selection of dark paint colors. This cost is typically not known until near the end of construction. No matter how much you want the exterior of your home painted Bubble Gum Pink, Bravo reserves the right to refuse certain color selections and in this rare case will work with the buyer to find an alternative color.

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